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Meet Marc Portney

Marc works to bring new products to market each and every day. With over 30 years of experience, his street smart insights, body of contacts and expert knowledge of the retail landscape enable him to lead his companies and it’s affiliates from concept to store shelf.

Marc is chosen to be a host and resident investor on Discovery Science Channel's new series, All American Makers .

Each week, the show features four amateur inventors, eager for an opportunity to take their product to market. Each inventor's product is shown to consumers, broken down and examined to test their mettle and ultimate marketability. Marc and his team of savvy experts then decide if any of the inventions merit financial investment.
Submit an idea directly to me here, Tweet at Me, or Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Meet Anthony Fallon

Anthony Fallon is an E-commerce Sales & Marketing expert. He has over 15 years experience and knowledge in building online businesses and brands. He consistently produces substantial results by increasing revenue and profits. Anthony has a successful track record for developing long term marketing and sales strategies.

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