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Meet Marc Portney

Marc Portney is a consummate professional in bringing innovative products to life, with every day presenting a fresh opportunity to revolutionize the market. Armed with over 30 years of industry experience, Marc's sharp, street-smart insights, expansive network, and unrivaled knowledge of the retail terrain make him a powerhouse in transforming concepts into tangible products on store shelves. 

Under his leadership, his companies and their affiliates consistently pioneer new horizons in retail. However, Marc's expertise doesn't end there. He was handpicked to lend his discerning eye and business acumen as a host and resident investor on Discovery Science Channel's hit series, 'All American Makers.

'Each week, the show spotlights four budding inventors eager to break into the market with their innovative products. These inventions are showcased to consumers, meticulously dissected, and rigorously tested for their potential and marketability. Backed by a team of astute experts, Marc sifts through these potential game-changers, deciding which inventions warrant a financial investment.

In essence, Marc isn’t just a veteran of retail and product development - he's a catalyst for change, continuously pushing boundaries and spotting the next big thing before it hits the mainstream.

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Meet Anthony Fallon

Anthony Fallon is a seasoned professional in the realm of E-commerce Sales & Marketing with over 15 years of experience, he has a proven expertise in molding burgeoning businesses and established brands into successful online powerhouses. Anthony's proficiency lies not just in boosting revenues and amplifying profits, but in fostering growth that is sustainable, robust, and expansive. 

His success is marked by a track record of designing long-term marketing and sales strategies that stand the test of time, keeping brands at the forefront of their industries. Anthony's approach is uniquely strategic, underpinned by his innate understanding of the digital marketplace and his commitment to achieving tangible, impressive results. 

Anthony isn’t just a marketing expert - he's a visionary who shapes brands for online dominance, ensuring they don’t just survive, but thrive in today's digital-centric world." 

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